Organizations Working on Cleaning Up Oceans

Trash and other human debris have long been an ocean of problems to our oceans. Humans, in one way or another, continue to pollute ocean waters, posing a serious threat to not only the marine ecosystems but to us also. This has seen many organizations come up in a bid to clean the oceans and spread the word on how important keeping the waters clean is. This post has highlighted some of these organizations and what they are doing to protect our oceans.

  1. Ocean Conservancy.

Founded in 1972, Ocean Conservancy has a vision of fighting to keep the oceans healthy. The vision has seen the organization initiate such projects as the International Coastal Cleanup through which several thousands of volunteers from across the US help in clearing human debris and trash from beaches every year.

The organization also runs an online petition geared towards putting giant oil companies (like the BP) to task in ensuring that they take responsibility to avoid oil spills.

  1. The Surfrider Foundation.

This non-profit organization works to preserve and protect the oceans through focusing on coastal ecosystems, beach access, water quality, and surf and beach spot preservation. The organization has a strong activist network which allows people to connect and help in ocean conservation efforts.

The foundation has a strong presence in social media where it engages activists, encouraging them to keep spreading the word and participating in various beach cleanup activities. Surfrider Foundation does most of its work mainly in North and South America, Europe and also Japan.

  1. 5 Gyres.

5 Gyres is another non-profit organization that mainly focuses on plastic marine pollution. Their operations are primarily set to ensure oceans are plastic-free. The organization’s Institute, the 5Gyres Institute, engages various communities, policy makers, corporate partners, and the public through several explorations, education, and scientific research.

5 Gyres encourages systematic change in the efforts to reduce plastic pollution. The organization has its operations all over the world.

  1. Oceana.

In the entire world, Oceana is the largest ocean conservation organization that has solely devoted itself to marine conservation through various policy campaigns. Oceana has a vision of making the oceans “as rich, abundant, and healthy as they were.”

The organization protects marine life affected by pollution and industrial fishing. In 2014 through one of its campaigns, Oceana was able to halt Shell’s plans for drilling in the Arctic Ocean for oil. The organization has its headquarters in Washington DC but has several offices spread all over the world also.

Other organizations include Take 3 which is basically, an initiative that encourages individuals to leave the oceans and beaches cleaners they find them. Another is the Balloons Blow organization that educates people about the effects of balloons and plastic trash in the ocean.