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Organizations Working on Cleaning Up Oceans

Trash and other human debris have long been an ocean of problems to our oceans. Humans, in one way or another, continue to pollute ocean waters, posing a serious threat to not only the marine ecosystems but to us also. This has seen many organizations come up in a bid to clean the oceans and spread the word on how important keeping the waters clean is. This post has highlighted some of these organizations and what they are doing to protect our oceans. Ocean Conservancy. Founded in 1972, Ocean Conservancy has a vision of fighting to keep the oceans healthy. The vision has seen the organization initiate such projects as the International Coastal Cleanup through which several thousands of volunteers from across the US help in clearing human debris and…
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Our Acidic Oceans

In a 2014 U.N. report, a reduction of the PH levels in our oceans, known as ocean acidification will cost the world economy over $1 trillion every year by 2100.  This change in the ocean’s composition will affect many commercial industries relying on the ocean’s ecosystem. The burning of fossil fuels and other air pollutants, cause a high concentration of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere.  Ocean acidification is caused by the excess absorption of CO2 or Carbon dioxide by the ocean.  This causes chemical reactions in the water, resulting in more acidic oceans and seas.  This in turn decreases the content of carbonate ions in the water. Carbonate ions are a building block of calcifying organisms such as sea shells and coral, as well as shelled organisms…
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Sharks, Love Them or Hate Them, We Still Need Them

Sharks are a fascinating creature that have been around since before the days of the dinosaur.  Through neglect, fear and greed, we humans are wiping them out at an alarming rate.  Shark- finning, a type of fishing where the sharks are caught, the fin is sliced off and the shark is discarded back into the ocean to die has become a huge problem as it kills over 100 million sharks per year.  All this cruelty and waste because Shark Fin soup is a delicacy that is in high demand in China.  Bycatch is another way that sharks are being killed.  This is a method of fishing where other fishes are caught unintentionally along with the target fish such as Tuna.  These along with a destruction through pollution of a shark's natural habitat…
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Cruise Ships, Their Impact on The Ocean

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole....feeling hot, hot, hot.  Who doesn't like a cruise?  While we are all basking in the sunshine and enjoying the never ending buffet, do we ever think of exactly what impact this floating hotel has on the ocean beneath it?  Noise pollution is usually something we don't associate with  to the ocean.  While we are enjoying the entertainment, the ship's engines and machinery is continually emitting noise into the ocean that hurts marine life with sensitive hearing, causing irreparable harm and possibly death. Ships hold water in tanks in order to help with balance and stability.  This is called ballast water, and it is full of microbes and germs because when the ship takes on the water, it takes whatever sea life is in it as well.  Eventually…
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